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Aerial footage says it in a way that no other shot can. Future Farm Productions can provide helicopters equipped with state of the art technology and arguably Italy`s finest operators, with a proven track record in quality and reliability. All at an extremely competitive cost base, that is enjoyed by some of Europe's largest broadcasters.


LOW ACQUISITION COST: Fully equipped for TV, priced at less than half the cost of a turbine helicopter.

GYROSTABILIZED CAMERA PLATFORM: Latest state of the art nose-mounted 360° gyro stabilized camera system for unobstructed views.

HIGH QUALITY BROADCAST CAMERA: With more than 700 lines of resolution combined with 40X magnification (20-to-1 zoom lens and 2X extender). Clear, steady pictures with no daily set-up.

MICROWAVE PACKAGE : For broadcast-quality
air to central receive site and/or relay operation.

COMMUNICATIONS & NAVIGATION: A wide selection of instruments, equipment and avionics to pinpoint destinations quickly and efficiently.

REPORTER AND VIDEO TECHNICIAN SEATS: Allows an on board reporter and a video technician,
in order to broadcast live to the ground.

CAMERAS ON BOARD: On board cameras for the shoot of the reporter and the helicopter in flight.

HIGH AUDIO-VIDEO TECHNOLOGY: Fully equipped with the latest technologies in the management of a/v signal, the helicopter is really flying ob-van.

tel. +44 (0)208 965 4871

0845 296 7950 fax+44 (0)208 965 4870 email info@FFP