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Future Farm Productions

Jonathan is the technical and co director of Future Farm Productions. His practical and managerial expertise, has led to him working for television projects in the UK, the Italian mainland, Sicily, Capri, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Greek Islands, East Africa and for international corporate clients and independent film makers in London.

Jonathan relocated from London to Trento in 2000 to work as a shooting P/D on a documentary for SportAbili Disable Ski Olympics. He went on to work with regional broadcaster TCA, employed as a lighting beta operator for three seasons. Covering football for their highest rating show "Fuorigioco" (Off-side), as well as Skiing, numerous Athletic Events, News and Current Affairs. Jonathan also became lead operator for syndicated footage, covering Motor Cross for RAI TRE and Volley and Basket Ball for Sky Sport.

In 2002 Jonathan joined the crew at Emmedue Produzioni. Working in a wide range of roles including: Sound Recordist for Series 1, Wife Swap (Scambio Moglie), Endemol/Sky One. Series 1, The Diary (Il Diario d`Amore), Endemol/Italia 1 and The Bachelor, Endemol/MTV. Mini, micro and DV Camera Operator for 3 seasons of Celebrity Gotchas (Scherzi a Parte), Mediaset/Italia 1. Season 1 of Diavolo Amico, Mediaset/Italia 1. Location Manager/Fixer in Kenya and for the Royal Wedding in London, Mediaset/Italia 1. He has also worked on other high rating shows including: Striscia la Notizia, Mediaset/Italia 1. Uno Mattina, RAI 1, numerous concerts, live broadcasts, and interviews.

Whilst continuing to work with Emmedue, in 2003, Jonathan joined the staff of Filmwork, working closely with Luca Dal Bosco, on a variety of arts based projects, most notably as Post Production Manager on "Libera 1903-2003: Memoria di un Architetto Moderno", shown at the Venice Biennale, Pompadou Centre Paris, the Metro and MoMA New York.

Jonathan began his career in 1986 as an apprentice sound effects and lighting technician. He went on to complete trainee ships at the BBC, ITFC, and with Lee Lighting at Sheperton and Elstree Studios. Jonathan continued his relationship with Lee`s, who along with Joe Dunton Cameras, helped him produce several live action and animated short films. Throughout the 1990s Jonathan continued to work on short films, promos, music video and installations, while returning to education to study Design at Chelsea College of Art.

Today with Future Farm Productions Jonathan works closely with directors, producers, production and location managers on the technical and practical implications of projects. With responsibilities from the very early stages of pre production right through to completion. Jonathan is often on location in a hands on practical role.

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Future Farm Productions

Monica Lombardi is co-director and Producer for Future Farm Productions. Monica's clients have included major European broadcasters Sky, RAI, MTV and Mediaset. International brands such as Red Bull, Luxottica and Heineken. Working both in Italy and the UK

Monica began her career in 1997 as a camera operator supplying ENG services for Italian regional broadcaster TCA. She worked her way through the ranks of operators to provide over 3 hours of broadcast news and sport programming per week. Gaining an invaluable in depth knowledge of equipment usability within a results driven television environment.

In 2000 after a brief spell in London gaining a Distinction in FIlm and Media Studies, Monica returned to TCA. Combining her skills, Monica continued her camera work both in studio and on location while developing a career as a production coordinator. With increasing responsibilities Monica's role within TCA included; ensuring continuity, coordinate studio crew, assigning space and equipment, liasing with artists and negotiating fees, while working calmly with studio guests, directors, journalists and editors, under the constant pressure generated by a news based broadcast channel.
Monica became the producer of the "Bicilissima" series (cycling format), organizing research, logistic, filming, editing of major cycling events including Giro del Trentino e Giro d'Italia. She was also in charge of the weekly show and the syndication of footage to other broadcasters including SKY and RAI.

In 2002 Monica began her freelance work with Emmedue Videoproduzioni. Producing high quality multimedia projects, with media-rich content for international blue chip companies and broadcast advertising. Further broadening her skills base as a proficient Avid editor complimenting her multimedia coding abilities in Flash, Java, and HTML.
While continuing with Emmedue later the same year Monica became employed in a number of Producer and management roles by the production house Filmwork. Overseeing projects from conception to completion with involvement in distribution to other broadcasters and agencies.

From 2003 Monica continued working with Emmedue and FIlmwork while taking on the role of media consultant and cost supervisor for regional council and government media agencies. Including The General Election and project based work for the EU.

In 2007 Monica established Future Farm Productions Ltd with co-director Jonathan Ridge. Today Monica uses her multi discipline knowledge with numerous international clients. Her responsibilities include budgeting, sourcing equipment, and hiring key personnel. She is responsible for gathering locations and for clearance of permits. On location Monica becomes the representative of Future Farm Productions and acts as supervisor while maintaining relationship with all parties involved.

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EmmeDue Videoproduction Srl has over twenty years experience in the television services sector. Formed in 1989 by a small group of passionate technicians and operators, their individual reputations for quality and reliability soon transferred to Emmedue and by 1999 the company had grown to be the leading independent suppliers of film and television production services. Working in close conjunction with international networks and national broadcasters Mediaset, Rai and Sky. With television production companies Magnolia, Endemol and Grundy. Pan european advertising agencies and with private and public bodies, international brands and government agencies. Emmedue currently posses one of the most impressive client portfolios in Italy and is the largest provider of equipped external teams in key Mediaset and RAI programs.

EmmeDue has achieved it's leading position through a combination of three key factors:
Their management culture; The original founding directors continue to work in hands on practical roles, passing on their knowledge and experience to over 50 employees.
Equipment procurement; Emmedue continues to extend their equipment pool year after year, with particular attention paid to new technologies, new working practices and market demands. EmmeDue was the first production company in Italy to adopt HD standard cameras and editing rooms.
Their excellent crews; Emmedue is in the enviable position of having the choice from the cream of Italian operators and technicians. With high retention rates many crew members have over 10 years service and all are multi skilled with substantial broadcast credits. Emmedue crews are well known in Italy for their hardworking, collaborative and flexible nature. Equally confident supplying services for programs such as I'm a celebrity.... or shooting films in Africa for UNICEF, or filming adverts for Fiat, Maserati, and D+G. Emmedue continues to invest in their 60 plus crew members, supplying in depth expert training and cross discipline knowledge as well as operating apprenticeships schemes for the most promising new talent.

Today the experiences of Emmedue have produced new technical solutions in the development of broadcast services, new working practices and further international integration flexibility. The success of shows such as ‘Scherzi a parte’, ‘Le iene’ and ‘X-Factor’ as well as multi stakeholder pan european projects are in no small part due to Emmedue's client focused working practices, continued commitment to evolving technologies and expert crews.

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Luca dal Bosco is the Executive Producer of FilmWork Srl., an independent film production company established by Luca in 1988 and based to the North of Lake Garda, in the historic city of Trento.

Filmwork is highly regarded for its art and cultural documentaries and since 2000 have provided location and above the line management services. Most notably for 007 Quantum of Solace (Lake Garda) and The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian.

Filmwork have produced over 80 in house films and documentaries in collaboration with among others, national state broadcasters Rai Uno and Rai Tre. Many films have toured major international galleries including The Metropolitan Museum and MOMA NY, Soprintendenza per i Beni Storici e Artistici in Rome and many other prestigious cultural institutes. Luca's work with Bernardo Bertolucci ('Last Tango in Paris, The Dreamers) on the film documentary "Libera 1903-2003: Memoria di un Architetto Moderno" has been exhibited at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome, The Milan Triennale, Venice Biennale and is on permanent archive at both Stanford University in San Francisco and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NY.

Luca began his career as executive producer for the art and architectural editorial group 'Abitare Segesta', where he worked for 2 years. Building up an enviable range of contacts with some of the most respected international personalities of architecture and design Renzo Piano, Mario Botta, Philippe Starck, Bernardo Secchi, Joan Busquet, Kurt W. Forster, Enrico Morteo, to name a few.

For over 20 years Luca has built up relationships with all the relevant major bureaucracies, major artistic and historical archives, museums, galleries and key management figures in the art world. Building Filmwork Srl into the leading company in its field with access to some of the most sensitive and unique pieces of art in the world including the Panza Collection.

Today Luca continues to develop ways of producing film based media in conventional and non-conventional ways Expanding Filmwork`s reach by producing promo advertising and documentaries as a standalone product or as part of an installation. A resent project 'Le Gallerie' saw Filmwork produce the design and media content for a an exhibition set in two unused Alpine road tunnels. Based on experiences of the second World War and to internationally acclaim. The exhibition also exists in the virtual world of Second Life, as part of a collaboration with Stamford University.

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Directors Monica Lombardi and Jonathan Ridge formed FFP to consolidate their long standing relationship with broadcast services giant Emmedue and award winning documentary makers Filmwork. London based with offices in Milan and Trento, FFP are uniquely positioned to supply a one stop, Anglo Italian production service.

tel. +44 (0)208 965 4871

0845 296 7950 fax+44 (0)208 965 4870 email info@FFP