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Future Farm Productions provide highly professional, multilingual crews with years of experience. Filming a wide range of productions and formats for Italian and International markets. They are hardworking, reliable and highly skilled with substanial broadcast credits. Many operators having additional specialist and cross disapline training.


CAMERA OPERATORS: HD. Digi Beta. Steady Cam.
DVCAM. HDV. DV. Remote. Mini. Micro. Sub Aqua.
Car. Bike. Ski. Aerial. Extreme.

SOUND OPERATORS: Engineers. Recordists.

LIGHTING: Gaffer. Sparks. Grip.

Camera and Production Assistants. Sound Technicians.

Documentary. Reality. Advertising. Wildlife. Travel.
Sport. News. Studio. Drama. Music. Comedy. Live + Outside Broadcast. Corporate. Fashion. Education

tel. +44 (0)208 965 4871

0845 296 7950 fax+44 (0)208 965 4870 email info@FFP